studio location

Maddox Studio
One Mockingbird Plaza
1420 W Mockingbird Lane, Suite 285
(second floor)
Dallas, Texas 75247

My building is the third building (on the right) off of I35 going east toward Love Field.  The large Wells Fargo signage on the top of the building makes it really easy to spot!


You will see the parking garage right next to the building.  It is 3 full stories of parking.  Although there is plenty of parking, the garage is large and, since the building is full, the garage gets pretty full.  You may have to circle around until you find a spot, so please allow for this when you plan your time.  You may park in any spot that is not reserved.  When you walk to the corner of the parking garage closest to the building, there is a stairwell.  Take that stairwell to the sky bridge that will connect you to the building.  We have a very nice gentleman named LeRon that is our security guard.  He takes care of our safety.  Once you enter the building, my suite is the 1st door on the right.  You will find this much more convenient that going through the lobby, riding the elevator and then searching for my suite.  Also note, on Saturdays, you may only enter the building via the sky bridge as the main lobby is closed.


On the day of your appointment, please plan your timing with a little extra time to find my location, navigate the parking and find my suite.  Your making a point to be on time will make such a positive difference for me…THANK YOU in advance!

I look forward to serving you and building a relationship with you.  smiling emoticon