maddox’s philosophy

About hair…

Maddox says, “I’ve always heard it said that everything comes in threes…like the Holy Trinity.  I don’t know if that is true or not, but I find it interesting.”

This is what Maddox believes is the Holy Trinity of dressing hair.  There are three key components that, when brought together, will provide an ultimate salon experience.



The Holy Trinity of Hair:


  1. First and foremost is a cut that supports the desired style, but is also in alignment with the lifestyle of the client and with the natural texture of their hair.
  2. Next, the client must use the same quality tools that Maddox uses with the same techniques.
  3. Finally, to achieve the desired results, the client must use the home care products that he recommends.

If any of these components are missing, it is not likely that recreating the look that you left the salon sporting will be acheived.

If you went to your doctor and he/she diagnosed you with an illness and told you to go down to the pharmacy and walk among the rows with thousands of drugs and pick out your own medication, how successful do you imagine you would be?  Yet, many clients head into a store such as Sally’s Beauty or Ulta and attempt to do just that.  If your stylist allows you as a client to leave their salon without recommending the proper home care products, they have done you a great disservice. Maddox has educated himself through many product knowledge classes that enable him to prescribe the ideal products for your hair type/texture and the finished look you desire.  There are many good product lines on the market, but what will make the difference for you is taking home a product that was selected for you by a professional who knows their product line like the back of their own hand.

“My goal is for my clients to easily be able to reproduce their new look at home in their own bathroom!  The way I reach this goal is to listen first and teach second.”